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2022 Top Language Coach | Professional Japanese teacher & coach Akari - About me
Hi! My name is Akari Piotrowski (Matsuda), founder & owner of this project “Mochifika”. I work as a Japanese language teacher & coach, web/graphic designer, and content creator. I’m here to help your Japanese language learning. I have a high passion for teaching&learning languages. My class is completely different from school. I’ll guide students to take the nervousness out of the new language, and speak with confidence!

My professional background and certificates

  • Sapporo City University (Bachelor of Design)
  • Seisa University (Japanese language education & Intercultural Communication with distinction)
  • 120 hour TESOL Certification
  • Certification of Teaching Japanese as a foreign language (The World Japanese Language Centre)
  • Teacher Training (QLS Level 3)
  • Japanese tea Specialist (JAFA)
  • Barista Skills Foundation (SCA)
  • Speech & Language Specialist
  • HTML5 Professional Certification Level.1
  • Certified General Travel Services Manager
Are you excited to start the new language journey? Let’s begin!

Me and languages

My foreign language life has started when I was 3 years old. The experience at that time has always been the driving force behind my teaching: We have fun and we learn!

Learning languages has always been interesting to me and I have made new discoveries. And when I traveled to various European countries as a backpacker in 2015, I realized the importance of language learning again … Communication!
At that moment, I was learning Spanish and Italian, which could be said to have changed my life.

I started to help learning the Japanese language as a volunteer for tourists and language exchanges from 2016. Around the same time, I became absorbed in learning Italian, and started learning Arabic and German. (And now I’m learning Polish and Swedish.)

Since 2020, I’ve been teaching & coaching this language to more than 80 students around the world from level 0 to advanced level.
I create lesson plans tailored to each student’s goals, turning my thoughts to them, and standing with their issues.
My class is very interactive. I give students confidence in their speaking skills and praise their effort in learning. When students make mistakes, I’ll fix and give them hints to think in a way that’s easy to understand.
Yes, you’ll be able to speak even from level 0!

Are you ready to start?
Enjoy a fun and beneficial time with me and a coffee or tea, just like you would with your friends!

Akari Piotrowski (Matsuda) - Professional Japanese teacher, Mochifika founder & owner

Random things about me

  • I love film! When I was a student, I watched films at the cinema at least 4 days a week.
  • I am also a filmmaker, composer and photographer. I’ve been continuing to make experimental art works.
  • I like Italian coffee and cappuccino a lot!
  • I respect 4 “David”: David Lynch, David Cronenberg, David Fincher, David Bowie
  • I love also music! I love metal & experimental music much but I play the classical piano too!
  • I’ve been taking Urbex (urban exploration) photography for more than 6 years
  • Currently, I speak Japanese, English, Italian, Polish, Swedish and German, but I also want to learn more languages. For example, Icelandic, Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Arabic, and more!
  • When I see & meet animals, I’m so happy!
  • Maybe as you noticed, I love Japanese sweets such as mochi, manjū, yōkan, dorayaki, dango e.t.c. + drinking matcha / green tea / coffee with them! Mmm!!
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