30minutes Trial class

7.5 ($8.5) FREE until 31.01.2023

This is the Trial lesson where you can talk and get to know each other.
Please tell me your reasons and motivation for learning Japanese, your strengths and weaknesses e.t.c.


  • US dollar prices are for reference only.

Japanese for beginnersA0-B1

30min: €19 ($22)
45min: €25 ($29.5)
60min: €29.5 ($34.5)

Save 5% 5 Lessons Package

This course is for learners who have no knowledge of Japanese or just started to learn the Japanese language🍡
We learn&practice speaking, writing, listening, reading, and grammar. YOU’LL LEARN FAST
Materials (Textbooks, PDF… e.t.c. + My original designed materials) and homework are included in this price.
I use these textbooks: Marugoto(A1, A2, A2/B1), my original textbooks + sometimes also Irodori, Nihongo Fun&Easy

Conversation practiceA2-C2

30min: €15 ($17)
45min: €18 ($21)
60min: €25 ($29)

Save 5% 5 Lessons Package
Conversation with me in Japanese, we talk about anything you want.
We practice conversation using PowerPoint or articles. (Various themes are available!)
I will correct your mistakes and give you hints of vocabulary.
This course is for learners who have some Japanese knowledge.

Informal tutoringA2-C2

30min: €11 ($12)
45min: €15 ($16)
60min: €17 ($18)

Save 5% 10 Lessons Package

This lesson is for free talk. If you have any materials you would like to use during the lesson, feel free to send them to me prior to the lessons.
In this lesson, I do not prepare materials.

Writing coaching
& proofreadingA1-C2

400 characters: €15 ($17)
800 characters: €26 ($30)
2000 characters: €72 ($80)

I will correct up to 400 characters (30 min. option) / 800 characters (60 min. option) / 2000 characters (30 min. x 5 lessons package option) and send them back to you with some feedback.
*400 characters = 原稿用紙(げんこうようし)1枚分(いちまいぶん)
Handwriting is available. If you need 原稿用紙(=Japanese writing paper), I’ll send you the PDF data of it, then you can use it.
The price also includes coaching on how to write beautiful Japanese characters.
*We don’t use Skype in this course!
Please send your writing documents via E-mail/contact form.

VIP system

Always 15% OFF

If you take more than 10 lessons, you can take the lessons as a VIP at a special price. VIP lesson prices are always 15% off the original lesson price.

Learn Japanese anytime, anywhere

Let's start your journey today!

Japanese Courses - Business - Work with Akari

Work with Akari

In addition to Japanese lessons, I also offer a variety of services.
Feel free to contact me!


I have many experiences to translate. I offer translation of English to Japanese / Italian to Japanese.
General translations and translations for websites are possible. (I have over 5 years of experience in the web industry.)

Translation for Music

Do you have any songs / lyrics which you would like a professional in both the music and Japanese language fields to translate?
Not just translating English lyrics into Japanese, but I can translate with due consideration of musical elements such as melody and rhythm etc.
If you are a professional musician, I can also create scores with translated lyrics and sample recording of melody line with translated lyrics.

Text-to-speech Recording

I read and record the text which you want to read aloud with professional equipments. Data can be transferred as mp3 or wav etc. files.
Of course, I can read aloud at your desired speed!
Also, I can record a mix of background sounds that match the scene if you want.

Other consultations regarding Japanese

I am accepting these questions: Tattoo design in Japanese / Questions about Japanese design / Consultations about redesigning Japanese teaching materials / Questions about Japanese calligraphy etc.
Please feel free to contact me.

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