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Mochifika Japanese Teacher & Coach Akari

Hi! I'm your teacher&coach


I’m a Japanese language teacher&coach, designer, artist, and language learner.
I also have a strong passion/interest in music, films, travel, creativity, winter sports, animals, and painting.
I’ll help you enjoy learning Japanese and languages in new creative ways!


All courses are 1-to-1, private lessons!
Mochifika Language Course - Japanese for beginners (Homework include)

for beginners

This course is for learners who have no knowledge of Japanese or just started to learn the Japanese language. ...

Mochifika Language Course - Conversation practice (Materials include)


Conversation with me in Japanese!
We talk about anything you want.
We practice conversation using ...

Mochifika Language Course - Writing correction

Writing coaching & proofreading

I will correct up to 400 characters / 800 characters / 2000 characters and send them back to you with some feedback. ...

Learning Resources

At Mochifika, we share various learning materials that are useful for learning Japanese for free.
Take a look at them and use to help you learn Japanese!
Mochifika - Japanese Language Free Materials
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