How to learn languages FASTER (summary)

How to learn languages FASTER (summary)

I’ve shared some ideas on how to learn Japanese, or any other language FASTER in this video.

5 key points

We have 5 major points here.

  1. Setting goals
  2. Acquiring vocabulary
  3. Listening comprehension
  4. Reading comprehension
  5. Practice & Speaking

2 types of Goals

Many people tend to pay attention to long-term goals, but actually, short-term goals are more important.

Achieving short-term goals will become addictive and you will love to see the progress that you make.

Input & Output

Input a.k.a. vocabulary acquisition is important to improve language skills.
Expanding your vocabulary improves your listening comprehension, which in turn improves your speaking also.

You can use various tools to acquire vocabulary, but podcasts, books, films, and series are very good materials.

I also have the podcast called “Slow Japanese“, you can listen to it from here!

For the output, having conversational lessons with the teacher is ideal for it.

If you want to practice your Japanese with the teacher, BOOK LESSONS NOW!

Useful links

Free books – にほんごたどく
Books listed below are free for on-site reading, PDF-downloading and printing for making books.
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Slow Japanese • A podcast on Anchor
Slow Japanese is a podcast for beginner Japanese learners (A1-B1). As the program name shows, in this podcast, project founder Akari talks about various topics in slow Japanese. Listen to this slow and easy Japanese, and grow your ears into “Japanese ears”. Additional materials: Support me:
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