5 unique ways to learn languages

5 unique ways to learn languages

Hi! It’s Akari here!
There are a lot of ways to learn languages. Today, I introduce 5 tips for learning languages in unique ways which I tried and worked well.

Learn from the lyrics of your favorite song

Listening to music is a step on your journey to learning languages!
Did you find your favorite songs? Let’s listen a lot!
Listening to music will improve your listening skills. And if you sing these songs, your pronunciation will also improve!

There is an interesting website that uses songs to improve your listening skills, which name is Lyricstraining.

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You can learn 13 languages at Lyricstraining

Once you get used to listening, let’s take a look at the lyrics.
Choose 5-10 words that you don’t understand from the lyrics. And let’s find out what that means using a dictionary or Google translate.
You can also learn Japanese while using music in my classLearn through music!“.

Learn with the lines of your favorite film

Films are the best content for learning a language!

When you find a film you like, choose a short scene from that.
It would be great if you had subtitles and scripts. Copy it into a notebook, etc. Lookup any vocabulary if you don’t understand.

Now, let’s actually speak that line. The important thing is you would be that character! Let’s talk while being aware of the character’s feelings and the background of the scene. You are a little actor!

Solve crossword puzzles

Increase your vocabulary bank with crosswords!
I recommend it because you can learn synonyms and paraphrases.

Read books and magazines for children

Children’s stories use simpler words and grammar, so it’s recommended for beginners.
Magazines sometimes also include crossword puzzles and entertaining games, so you can have more fun learning the language.

Write a diary in the language which you are learning

Talking about you is one of the fastest ways to improve your speaking skills.

Let’s start with short and simple sentences first.
The important thing is not just to write, but try to read aloud again after you write.

And one more thing…

Let’s actually talk with a native speaker!
Talking with people is the best way you can use what you have learned.

Let’s start your language journey too!

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